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At one of our Saturday writers’ meetings, I asked for advice on novel writing software. Teri spoke up for Scrivener, saying it worked quite well for her. My online research returned the same results. Many writers tout the benefits of using Scrivener. So I purchased the downloadable software for under $50, a one-time fee, and immediately started using it.

Interested members will meet at Mug’s Cafe & Bakery on Oak Street in Roanoke from 10:15-11:3 am on Saturday, January 12th to make some important decisions about our upcoming, first-ever Mustard Seeds Workshop. We’ll talk about: The Presentation & Hands-On Activities Promoting the Event Locally Acquiring Press Coverage Hospitality andContinue Reading

We surveyed our email recipients and discussed possibilities at the January meeting. Now, we are happy to announce that the generic Christian Writers’ Group – Roanoke, Tx is Mustard Seeds – Christian Writers’ Group. Our new logo is amazing, as well. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, and thanks toContinue Reading

This common question may come to mind before, during, or after you write a fiction composition. Three primary categories pertain to story length: short story, novella, and novel. Short stories can run 1,500 words to 30,000 words. That’s a huge range, huh? Novellas bridge the gap between short stories andContinue Reading