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What does membership cost?

There is no cost to join our monthly meetings. We hope you will! Our quarterly workshops and contests come with a small price tag of $10 each.

Are you affiliated with North Church?

No, but we are so very thankful that they allow us to use their facility for our meetings! The group leader, Shauna Duty, goes to North Church.

Can non-fiction writers and poets attend?

Absolutely! Our group features all kinds of writers, and we gladly welcome you.

How will a writers’ group help me?

In so many ways! Hearing feedback from other writers — and readers — can expand your vision for characters, plots, word choice, and just about every other aspect of composition. Because members are writers, they’re also pretty good editors. Each member will return the copies you provide with markups that include editing and ideas for you to consider. Perhaps most important of all, being around other writers and reading your work aloud will encourage you to KEEP WRITING!